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There are some hardships in life that cannot be easily forgotten. These experiences influence how we view ourselves and navigate relationships with others. There is a natural tendency to re-enact the woes because of it’s familiarity. The therapeutic alliance will help us learn from the past, become more aware from the present, and establish a safe outlook for the future.

The ultimate goal is to learn to dance with our spirits and harness our destitute as protective factors. I am not here to change you but become a part of your journey.

Sometimes, we need someone to simply hear us, accept us for who we are, and make us feel safe. This can be a challenge considering everything in our society is based on reciprocity, not altruism. The cacophony from the city can be overwhelming. Let’s slow things down and tackle the oppressive entities that we sometimes forget to recognize.

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meet our team

Omar Kazi, M.A, M.Ed, LMHC

(917) 528-5030
Language: Bangla, Hindi-Urdu

Omar Kazi, our senior-most psychologist, is an experienced Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University. Boasting 20 years of specialized expertise in assisting immigrant populations through the challenges of acculturation and racial trauma, he has made notable contributions to mental health and community welfare. An immigrant from Bangladesh and a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine, Mr. Kazi presently serves as the program director at TCCNY’s Jamaica Family Wellness Center, where his focus lies in bolstering underserved communities.

Alif Ahmed, M.S, LCSW

Language: Bangla, English, Hindi-Urdu, American Sign Language

Alif is a legal and social policy scholar dedicated to supporting unauthorized immigrants, refugees, and asylees. With a Master’s in Social Work from Columbia University and engaged in PhD studies at NYU, his work critically examines the nexus of health and immigration policies. As an active member of the Society for Asylum Medicine and a practitioner involved in immigration psychological evaluations, Alif employs evidence-based strategies to foster health equity. His clinical practice includes providing psychotherapy to individuals grappling with immigration issues, while his policy work aims to improve access to mental health services. This blend of academic rigor and practical application highlights Alif’s commitment to advocating for policy changes that benefit New York’s diverse immigrant community, positioning him as a key figure in both legal and social spheres.

Taslima Choudhy, LMHC

(917) 579-0359
Language: Bangla, Hindi-Urdu

Taslima is a South Asian therapist who stands out as an expert in child and adolescent psychotherapy, with a strong focus on relational dynamics, couple’s therapy, and multi-generational trauma. Her unique educational background combines clinical proficiency with a policy perspective, granting her insightful knowledge into how multiple systemic factors interlink to continue the cycle of trauma and mental disorders. In her practice, Taslima places great importance on the personal narratives of her young clients and the systems they are part of, fully recognizing the substantial impact these have on the mental health of children and adolescents.

Shifti Kamal, LMSW

(646) 504-4138
Language: Bangla, Hindi-Urdu

Shifti is an exceptional South Asian therapist, renowned for her unparalleled expertise in connecting the individual and systemic aspects of care, positioning her as the premier organizational link within her team. With a Master of Social Work from Columbia University, she possesses a unique blend of clinical wisdom and policy knowledge. This rich educational foundation equips her to adeptly navigate the intricate relationship between personal experiences and broader systemic influences, which are crucial in the perpetuation of trauma and mental health disorders. In her practice, Shifti expertly merges individual narratives with wider societal frameworks, making her an invaluable member of her team and a vital support to her clients for her insightful understanding of the profound connections that affect mental well-being.

Sonia Lasmin, LP

(201) 468-0335
Language: Bangla, Hindi-Urdu

Sonia Lasmin, though the newest member of our psychotherapy team, brings a depth of life experience that enriches her professional role. As a mother, she possesses a profound understanding of the complexities and demands of parenting, an insight that proves invaluable when addressing familial and developmental challenges within her practice. Sonia’s empathetic and trust-based approach creates a therapeutic space that is both nurturing and non-judgmental, allowing clients to feel secure and understood. Her application of evidence-based and culturally sensitive methodologies ensures that each client’s unique situation is addressed with care and competence. Sonia’s background in individual and group therapy, especially in tackling mental illness and substance abuse, is further bolstered by her linguistic skills in English, Bangla, and Hindi, facilitating a deeper connection with a diverse clientele. Her dual role as a mother and therapist endows her with a special empathy and real-world perspective that is a significant asset to both her clients and the team.

Joy Liu, LMSW

(917) 828-6494
Language: Mandarin, English

Joy is a practitioner whose dedication to mental health care is rooted in a deep-seated passion for holistic and creative therapeutic practices. Her approach is not only industrious but also imbued with humility, always placing the needs and goals of her clients at the forefront. She specializes in working with a diverse age range, from youth to elders, and those dealing with anxiety, depression, and transitional life phases. Joy employs a strength-based and culturally sensitive methodology, frequently integrating arts-based modalities to address traumas, gain insights, and reinforce identities. With her unwavering commitment to her clients’ well-being, Joy works collaboratively to discover solutions, develop new skills, and highlight personal strengths, all while drawing from community and cultural resources. This combination of dedication and innovative care truly makes her one of the most hardworking therapists in the field.

Payment Option


Our payment structure operates on a sliding scale to ensure affordability based on annual income. For those earning under $45k a year, the minimum payment is $90. At the higher end, individuals with an income of $100k a year are expected to pay $220. For someone in the middle, such as with an annual income of $75k, the estimated payment would be appropriately adjusted within this scale to reflect their income level, ensuring fairness and accessibility for all our clients.


We accept Medicaid, including Healthfirst, MetroPlus, and Fidelis. Similarly, we also accept UHC, Optum, GEHA, Oscar, Harvard Pilgrim, Oxford, UMR, UHC Golden Rule, All Savers, Health Plan Inc. (Harvard Pilgrim), Cigna, BCBS, Aetna, and most commercial insurance plans.

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